How long does it take for shipping?

-All orders are mailed out within 7 days of date placed. All domestic orders (USA) should take 4-6 days, and all international orders, generally should be there within 14 days.

Is Apex Supremacy hiring? Where can I send my resume if so?

-We are always looking for new and innovative minds to help grow the brand, you can send your resume to to be considered for an internship or position here at Apex.

How can I model for Apex Supremacy?

-Unfortunately we at Apex Supremacy do not take modeling submissions or inquiries from anyone who is interested in representing the brand. We only hire models to the team that we personally find and develop business relationships with, ones that we feel will represent the brand the best.

How can I track my orders?

-We provide a confirmation email once the order has been sent out attached with a USPS tracking number that gives precise timestamps and locations to where your order is at.

Does Apex Supremacy ever restock any products?

-Unfortunately we refuse to remake any collections that we produce. Once the quantity available is sold out, you've missed the opportunity.